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WTF? Donald Trump, the Lowest Rated President Ever, Just Attacked NFL Players Over Ratings.

September 24, 2017

The embarrassing spectacle of Donald Trump’s feud with popular sports figures continues to heat up. It began several days ago with a non-presidential lashing out at NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and NBA star Steph Curry. These and other public figures…

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Here Comes The Cavalry: Meet The Veterans Getting Ready To ‘Deploy’ To Standing Rock

November 22, 2016

Veterans Continue To Serve Their Country At Standing Rock There’s a planned deployment to Standing Rock, scheduled for December 4, but these men and women will be standing with the citizens protesting desperately to keep their lands and water clean.…

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Assault Rifle Wielding Maniac Doubles Down On Call To Kill Black Women and Children (VIDEO)

August 17, 2016

Black people are thugs and maggots that should be shot in the back if they are looting stores, according to rabid Donald Trump supporter Jim Stachowiak. He’s unleashed a series of horrific videos on YouTube that show him carrying an…

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Trump Tells Grieving Dad He’s Made Lots Of ‘Sacrifices’; Promptly Gets Destroyed By Twitter (VIDEO, TWEETS)

July 30, 2016

When a grieving father who lost his son in the Iraq war reminded Donald Trump that he’d “sacrificed nothing” for his country, of course Trump just had to do it in his usual fashion of being offensive and clueless all…

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Americans Are Feeling The Bern More Than Ever

January 12, 2016

Upon entering the Presidential race, Bernie Sanders was easy to dismiss. He’s old. He’s Jewish. He’s liberal. He’s pro-marijuana legalization. He’s a democratic-socialist from a small state. But guess what? Bernie Sanders is now in a virtual tie with presumptive front-runner Hillary…

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Oregon Lunatics Send Desperate Plea For Snacks And Socks — See The Internet’s Hilarious Reaction

January 4, 2016

These domestic terrorists Oregon lunatics don’t seem very prepared to take on government… Saturday, domestic terrorists from various militia groups entered federal land and took control of a federal building…on a bird sanctuary…because reasons. The leader of the pack, Ammon…

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‘Patriot’ Guarding ‘Muslim-Free’ Gun Store Shot – By Himself (VIDEO)

August 19, 2015

Some days, when the stars are aligned just so, and the Universe smiles upon us, sweet Karma comes around and bitch slaps some dumb asses just when they needs it most. Karma paid a visit to Oktaha, Oklahoma recently. Oktaha…

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There Will Be Blood: Anti-Muslim Militia Guy Threatens Violence At Farrakhan Rally

August 14, 2015

We all knew he couldn’t stay away from his adoring public for very long. He’s just that “center of attention” kind of guy. Our favorite rabble rouser, anti-Muslim, atheist militia gun nut extremist Jon Ritzheimer has taken to Facebook once…

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