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Police Shoot Black, Pregnant Mother to Death At Home, in Front of Children

June 19, 2017

“They shot my mom.” According to the Washington Post, this is the tragic remark made by the son of a mentally ill black woman shot dead by two white police officers yesterday morning in Seattle, WA. The Seattle Times reports that…

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Criminalizing Childhood: These Schools Call The Cops On Little Kids — For Being Kids!

July 10, 2016

Children reported To Police. Their Crime? being Children. If you have kids in school, you might want to know what schools in New Jersey have been up to. ast May, the Collingswood Public School System adopted a policy requiring that…

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Angry Redneck Rams Elderly Disabled Woman’s Car Screaming ‘N***er Bitch,’ Possibly A Trump Voter

June 8, 2016

Georgia man launches into racist tirade Joan Wilson, who is disabled, was trying to get into her car and was being helped by her daughter-in-law Ira McPherson when they had the misfortune of being bombarded with a racist tirade by…

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Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Twitter Blows Up While Mainstream Media Remains Eerily Silent

March 25, 2016

A Ted Cruz sex scandal? Twitter’s losing its damned mind. A Ted Cruz sex scandal? Sensible folks remain skeptical because this would involve people actually having sex with Ted Cruz . The rest of us are busy blowing up Twitter with the…

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