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GOP Senate Candidate Unleashes Horrific Misogynistic Rant – as Campaign Platform

January 25, 2018

The candidate photograph on Courtland Sykes senate campaign website looks like a cover photo from a romance novel. Sykes sports a dark blue blazer with a white shirt (open several buttons) falling open. His hair sports that perfect combination of…

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Harvard Republican Club Issues Blistering Non-Endorsement Of Trump, Breaking 128-Year Streak

August 4, 2016

Harvard Republicans Refuse To Endorse Trump The Harvard Republican Club has deigned to issue a missive to the common man ensconced beyond its hallowed halls. The HRC (not her) assures all that it holds in higher regard and of greater import the…

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Trump Campaign Exposes The Lie In The Right’s War On ‘Political Correctness’

June 20, 2016

Trump’s War On ‘Political Correctness’ Is Based On A Lie Nothing propelled Donald Trump through the Republican primaries as much as his war on so-called “political correctness,” both in general and in his specific bombardments. He continues that assault with vigor…

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This Fox News Host Just Went Off Script And Said The Unthinkable (VIDEO)

June 14, 2016

Many Fox News viewers probably did a double-take when host Gretchen Carlson announced that she supports a ban on assault-style weapons in the wake of Sunday’s massacre in Orlando, Florida. Fox News host supports efforts to ban assault weapons Just after a…

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SHAMELESS: Trump Blames Everyone Except The NRA For Orlando Massacre (VIDEO)

June 14, 2016

The bodies of the dead are barely cold Donald Trump is the worst thing for American democracy since George Wallace, Japanese internment, or slavery of black people and the indigenous.  hile President Obama and the world mourned the lives lost in Orlando after…

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Clinton’s New Ad Builds A Wall Of Profanity Around Trump, Makes Him Pay For It

May 18, 2016

“Does Donald Trump really speak for you?” is the central question of the new campaign ad released by Priorities USA, a Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s general election fight against the Republican nominee. The ad mines the rich vein of…

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Conservative Media Accuses Black Students Of Lying About ‘Swastika in Feces,’ But Police Say Report Is True

November 13, 2015

Racism on college campus has reached its tipping point, especially on the campus of University of Missouri On October 24, a student reported to the police that someone had drawn a swastika on the wall of a bathroom with feces. As CNN…

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Wacky Political Mad Libs With Ben Carson

November 10, 2015

So, Ben Carson. Yeah. We sort of have to talk about him, given that he’s starting to edge out Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner. The problem with talking about Ben Carson is that, while he has quite a lot…

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Singer Rosanne Cash Angers Fans Because She Supports Gun Control

October 5, 2015

After the mass shooting that took nine lives at Umpqua Community College, singer Rosanne Cash posted a petition on her Facebook page asking her fans and followers for support to reinstate the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons. “If you are as sick…

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Have Iowa Republicans Totally Lost Their Minds? Carson And Trump Tie In New Poll

September 1, 2015

Donald Trump is losing his unmitigated lead in early primary state Iowa. That almost sounds like Iowa Republicans are gaining some sanity back. But wait. Trump has been overtaken by ultra-conservative — and wildly misspoken — brain surgeon, Ben Carson.…

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