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“Beyond Twisted” – Trump Admin Admits Climate “Fate is Sealed”, Makes Insane Greedy Move | In The Moment

September 29, 2018

Trump administration uses drastic climate change projection to justify weakening fuel rule Featured image via Twitter.

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America Last: Under Trump, US Now the Last Holdout from Paris Climate Accord

November 7, 2017

The US is destroying it’s credibility by pulling out of the Paris Accord as Syria becomes last country to sign up Syria, the last remaining hold out, has announced that it will sign the United Nation’s Paris Accord promising to…

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Only 3 Years Left to Act on Climate Change Before it’s Too Late, Experts Warn

June 29, 2017

Time is running out If we want a smooth transition into a sustainable future, we need to act fast. A comment article in the journal Nature says we have to act fast if we hope for a painless transition to…

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Pulling US Out of Paris Climate Accord Puts Trump on This Shortlist of Most Maniacal World Leaders

May 31, 2017

By Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, the US Would Join Some Nefarious Company Donald Trump continues to claim that he has not made a final decision about remaining in the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, but Axios is reporting that the…

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Will This Kid’s Viral Freak Out Over How We’ve F*cked Up The Planet Be The Thing That Saves It?

May 28, 2016

This Young Child Understands The Severity Of Climate Change Better than Any Republican Does Discussing climate change with most conservatives can be a pretty infuriating endeavor. Their act of face-rolling their keyboard until a bunch of made-up gibberish comes out…

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American Climate Refugees First Of Many In Looming Crisis

May 4, 2016

Americans are now refugees in their own country Americans, especially those living in coastal regions, should be care how they treat refugees – they may well be about to become refugees themselves. In fact, the first Americans already are. The…

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Angry At Volkswagen? Just Remember That GM Murdered 124 People

September 29, 2015

Volkswagen definitely deserves a nomination for an “a-hole company of the year” award, after they made headlines for using software to trick smog detection systems in millions of their vehicles. The story of VW’s shenanigans has been going mega-viral the…

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BUSTED: Feds Catch Volkswagen Cheating Smog Tests, Force Massive Recall

September 18, 2015

Until the 1980’s, cities across the United States were inundated with a disaster created by mankind. The results of it rendered people ill, harmed children, and caused crime. This plague upon us all was given a name which had been…

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EPA Accident Turns Popular Animas River Bright Orange And Toxic

August 10, 2015

Colorado’s popular Animas River is full of toxic heavy metals, released last week in an accident caused by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The contaminants, which include lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, copper and calcium, have turned the river bright orange. The EPA…

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Guess How Much Governments Spend Covering Fossil Fuel Costs. Now Add Some Zeroes. Warmer…

May 21, 2015

Until recently, no one had attempted to compile exactly how much the world’s governments spend footing the bill for the fossil fuel industries’ health and environmental costs. If you tried to guess off the top of your head what the…

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