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Russian Official Brags About Trump Victory: ‘Russia Won’ US Election

December 10, 2016

Russian Politicians Can No Longer Contain Their Glee Russian officials from Vladimir Putin’s ruling party are beginning to find it difficult to contain their glee at the election of Donald Trump in the US presidential election. CBS News reported that…

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‘Economic Hitman’ Reveals How Corporations Seize Control Of Nations And Bleed Them Dry (VIDEO)

March 7, 2016

Is this really how the global economy works? Imagine a global economy run by ruthless corporate chieftains who seduce developing nations into taking on massive amounts of debt, use that debt to hire their companies for huge infrastructure projects, and then…

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Flint Citizens Want Snyder’s Head; Gov. Begs Obama For Help (VIDEO)

January 15, 2016

flint citizens mobilize against Gov. Rick Snyder for his negligence. Flint citizens have about had it with Governor Rick Snyder, as Detroit citizens felt before them. The man has dragged his feet on an ongoing poisoned water scandal that has…

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Nestlé CEO Says He Would Bottle More California Water If He Could

May 17, 2015

Rather than stop bottling water during the drought crisis in California, a Nestlé CEO said not only would his company not end operations, he would like to increase them. Two years ago, former Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe drew the ire…

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WATCH: Viral Documentary “Immigrants For Sale” Exposes Private Prison Horrors

May 5, 2015

An important documentary by Brave New Films has started getting a lot of attention on YouTube and social media. The film, “Immigrants For Sale,” looks at the horrors of the private prison industry through the eyes of two families. They…

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Chris Christie’s Newark School Privatization Scam Is An Epic Failure

March 5, 2015

Five years ago, Chris Christie went on the Oprah Winfrey show to crow about his plan to revamp the schools of Newark New Jersey. He was joined by his ally, then-Democratic Mayor of the city, Cory Booker and Facebook billionaire,…

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