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7 Awesome Black Lives Matter Quotes From Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

October 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders speaks out on Black Lives Matter and Sandra Bland Way back in July, Bernie Sanders hit the wrong note in his reaction to Tia Oso and her band of Black Lives Matter protesters when they crashed his speech Net Roots Nation in Phoenix,…

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What’s The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans? Hillary Clinton NAILS It (VIDEO)

September 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton clobbers Jeb Bush over racist “free stuff” comment during Facebook Q&A. What’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans? Some say there is none, but Hillary Clinton begs to differ. She’s also just proven that if she and Jeb Bush…

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FINALLY! The Scorching Elizabeth Warren Black Lives Matter Speech We’ve All Been Waiting For (VIDEO)

September 28, 2015

Elizabeth Warren Black Lives Matter Speech: “Economic justice is not — and has never been — sufficient to ensure racial justice.” It’s taken awhile, but we’ve finally gotten that scorching Elizabeth Warren Black Lives Matter speech we’ve all been waiting for.…

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Civil Rights Lawyer Pushes For Memorials At Lynching Sites

July 5, 2015

Bryan Stevenson thinks the time may be ripe for America to begin talking about the country’s history of lynchings of black people. His hope is fueled by the dialogue regarding the Confederate flag, in the aftermath of the recent massacre…

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‘Blacks Are The Problem’; Texas Teacher Suggests A Return To Racial Segregation (VIDEO)

June 11, 2015

UPDATED: 6/1/2015 13:44: MySanAntonio.com is reporting that Fitzgibbons was fired from her job Thursday afternoon.  By now, you’d think that most people would learn not to add fuel to a smoldering hot fire. Especially when that fire entails a racially charged…

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Shocking Video Shows Rabid Cop Verbally, Physically Attacking Black Teens (VIDEO)

June 7, 2015

A McKinney, Texas cop was caught on video displaying some downright awful behavior towards a group of black teens who were attending a pool party. The unidentified cop cursed at, shoved, and handcuffed random teens for apparently not obeying his…

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Racist Georgia Bar Encourages Discrimination Against Blacks (VIDEO)

May 6, 2015

A Georgia bar is under fire for allegedly encouraging their employees to discriminate against admitting blacks if too many of them are already inside the bar. Capital City is a popular bar located in the college town of Milledgeville, which…

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Former Racist Redneck Sets Out To Change ‘White Supremacist’ American Culture (VIDEOS)

April 12, 2015

A self-proclaimed redneck and “former racist” who goes by the monikers “W Honky” on Youtube and “Dixon D. White” on Facebook has become a hit on social media for calling out his fellow “white supremacists” for their racism against blacks…

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‘No Muslims Allowed’ Arkansas Gun Range Turns Away Brown Non-Muslim People (VIDEO)

January 15, 2015

When the xenophobic owners of Gun Cave, a Hot Springs, AR gun range declared last year that they were a “Muslim-free” facility, the question arose of how they would be able to identify a Muslim if said Muslims were not…

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Chris Matthews Likens Tea Party Republicans To White Supremacists (VIDEO)

January 7, 2015

It’s often been said that not all Republicans are racist, but if you’re a racist, you’re more likely to be a Republican. And in particular, a Tea Party Republican, despite their inevitable denials. Every one of them says, “one of…

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