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10 Dumbest Excuses The Trump Campaign Uses To Justify Donald’s Filthy Mouth

October 12, 2016

Donald Trump, Leader Of The GOP Donald Trump exemplifies the party of personal responsibility, and by that I mean he refuses to take any responsibility for his own behavior. Trump’s disgusting “grab them by the pussy” comments are just the latest…

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Crazy Hair Club For Narcissistic Dictators? Kim Jong Un Endorses Trump

May 31, 2016

Kim Jong Un has decided that he does like Trump after all The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has decided after all that the U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump is not that bad. In fact, he has described him…

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Obama Warns That World Leaders Are ‘Rattled’ By The Psychotic Rhetoric Of Donald Trump

May 26, 2016

President Obama fears world leaders are ‘rattled’ with Trump’s candidacy uring a press conference in the G7 summit on Thursday, President Barack Obama said that world leaders are “rattled” by Donald Trump’s candidacy “for good reason.” Obama mentioned the importance that has been…

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15 Lies And Fallacies Of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

April 28, 2016

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Views Are Released And They Are Atrocious Donald Trump unveiled much of his foreign policy positions today and unleashed an avalanche of questionable ideas that bear closer scrutiny. Most of his views range from delusional to…

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Before Loudly Denouncing Trump, Romney Quietly Reactivated Campaign Committees (VIDEO)

March 4, 2016

The Republican party is in serious trouble. Their primary model—with its heavy focus on First Past the Post elections—combined with a candidate field with too many candidates, has resulted in a surge of support for popularity Reality TV star Donald…

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Donald Trump: Bill Gates Should “Close Up The Internet”

December 8, 2015

  #DonaldTrump advocates closing up the Internet 2 stop the process of thought/free speech. So Communist China-like. — NotBuffytheVMPslayer (@NotBUFFY_VS) December 8, 2015 When you need to get something done in the Internet world, there’s only one name you…

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Donald Trump Confirms His Hair Isn’t Fake, Just A Terrible Life Decision

August 28, 2015

You know things are going horribly for the rest of GOP presidential field when front-runner Donald Trump is able to make time to talk about his hair. It’s no secret that Trump’s hairdo is almost as famous as his brash,…

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Donald Trump: Couldn’t Run A Football Team, Wants To Run The Country

July 2, 2015

Donald Trump is not a fringe candidate. We can joke about his toupee (or whatever that is), quote his “you’re fired” line back at him now that he’s been kicked off NBC for racist remarks, and mock his egotistical self-reference…

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NBC To The Donald: YOU’RE FIRED! Why? Because You’re A Racist

June 29, 2015

The past few days have been pretty rough on conservatives. What with the same-sex marriage issue settled, Obamacare upheld, and the confederate flag finally being removed from state properties and businesses left and right, they are probably somewhere curled up…

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