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Trump Voters Wake Up to Nightmare of TrumpCare: ‘Going to be like the Zombie Apocalypse’

July 13, 2017

Trump Voters Asked About TrumpCare: ‘I’m Scared’ Regretting votes for president happens every election for one reason or another. But one of the biggest regrets may be knowing you voted for someone that is going to take more money out…

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Watch GOP Rep Cowardly Bolt from Retirement Home to Dodge TrumpCare Questions

July 12, 2017

Maine Republican Bruce Poliquin Does Everything He Can To Avoid Health Care Questions If you want to talk to your Republican representative in D.C. about health care, you might have a very tough time finding them. And if you do…

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New Analysis Shows GOP Health Plan Hits Trump Voters Hardest by Taking Away Thousands of Dollars

March 13, 2017

If GOP Health Plan Wins, Donald Trump Voters May Beg For Obamacare To Return We have seen many stories about voters that supported Donald Trump now concerned about him carrying out the plans he used to fire up his campaign…

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