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Trump Now Bullying Dozens Of Electors Seeking CIA’s Russia Intel Briefing. What’s He Afraid Of?

December 14, 2016

The Electoral College Wants To Know About Trump’s Bromance With Putin President-elect(?) Donald Trump is now bullying electors of the Electoral College. An anonymous Republican elector told Salon in an interview that Trump’s team was issuing “threats of political reprisal.”…

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Crime, Law Enforcement, And The Age Of Social Media

January 28, 2016

Social Media And The Rule Of Law Ever run across that Facebook friend who you’re not quite sure how you know them? They may have had several mutual friends, or been playing a Facebook game you were, perhaps in a…

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Chuck Schumer On Iran Is (Still) Dangerously Wrong [UPDATED]

April 10, 2015

Senator Chuck Schumer (D. NY) has had a problem with Iran for a long time. He has consistently been a reliably hawkish voice, from the Democratic side of the aisle, on the Iranian question. He even allied with Ted freaking Cruz…

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Historic Deal With Iran? Not If Republicans Have Their Way

April 3, 2015

On Thursday a framework for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program was, at last, reached. As my colleague Marc Belisle has written, this could prove to be the “diplomatic breakthrough of our generation.” Despite that, the reaction from the right…

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GOP Senators Try To Undermine Peace, Send Threatening Letter To Iran

March 9, 2015

Conservative Republicans have made no secret of their desire to derail President Obama’s peace negotiations with Iran. Their efforts are becoming desperate and dangerous. One of the GOP’s most aggressive hawks, Tom Cotton — freshman Tea Party senator from Arkansas…

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