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George W. Bush Might Have Screwed Donald Trump Out Of The Presidency

March 18, 2016

Donald Trump Presidency Could Be A Pipe Dream Thanks To George W. Bush We may be on the verge of the greatest instance of schadenfreude in American — if not World — history! It turns out that far-right voters’ hopes…

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Everyone Realizes Rubio Campaign Done, Except The Candidate

March 9, 2016

Things have not gone well for Marco Rubio. For a brief time, he was the darling of the Republican establishment. For a briefer time, he was the last, best hope of defeating Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Rubio, his campaign had…

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Contrary To Reports, Ted Cruz Still Hated By Everyone

March 8, 2016

Ted Cruz is hated by everyone. Or so the story goes. His colleagues in the Senate loathe him. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pointedly refused to endorse Cruz’s constitutional eligibility to seek the presidency. The Internet thinks he is the…

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Graham’s Backing Of Cruz Shows GOP Will Do Anything To Stop Trump

March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday has passed and Lindsey Graham is getting nervous. As was expected, Donald Trump had a very good night, Ted Cruz a non-disastrous night, and Marco Rubio, the shining and sweaty hope of the GOP establishment, managed to win…

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High-Ranking Racist Fired By Georgia DOE Over Facebook Posts #SadTrombone

January 26, 2016

Racist Fired By Georgia DOE Over Offensive Facebook Page As of Tuesday morning, yet another bigot is out of a job due to their inability to keep from publicizing their hate all over the internet. Jeremy Spencer, the racist fired…

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Trump Triumphs Over Megyn Kelly And Makes Her Look Sympathetic

August 14, 2015

As journalists go, I don’t have much use for Megyn Kelly. “Journalist,” in fact, is a bit of a charitable term, given that she works at Fox News, where she has used her platform to spew the typical blather that we…

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