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Why it’s Hard to Crack Down on School Shootings – The Discrepancy in Data

September 4, 2018

The Department of Education is creating misleading data about gun shootings, but it's not entirely their fault.

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BREAKING: Another High School Shooting in America, Campus on Lockdown

March 20, 2018

Multiple Injuries Reported at Great Mills High School following Shooting Just over a month since a gunman murdered seventeen people at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a high school in Maryland is under lockdown in what the school…

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A Stoneman Douglas Student Just Dragged the Living Sh*t Out of the NRA

March 6, 2018

Say what you will about the current state of things — and boy is there a lot to talk about — clearly we are living in a time where social media is the great equalizer. The NRA got that lesson…

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Scarborough: Trump is ‘Impotent’ on Mass Shootings and ‘the Consequences are Bloody’

February 16, 2018

Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman, and now host of Morning Joe on MSNBC is one of the normally conservative voices who has started to sound downright liberal in the Trump administration we’re living through. On Friday he spoke out…

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SHAMELESS: Donald Trump Just Blamed Grieving Teenagers for the Valentine’s Day School Shooting

February 15, 2018

Donald Trump’s Victim Shaming Knows No Limits Still reeling from the perception that he favors the rights of alleged domestic abusers over the casualties of domestic violence, President Trump doubled down on his penchant for blaming the victim Thursday morning. A day…

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Watch Gun Owner Smash Own AR-15 to Bits to Protest Assault Weapons (VIDEO)

November 21, 2017

In a powerful piece of video broadcast by in Riverside California, Chad Vachter, an outspoken supporter of the 2nd Amendment and unabashed gun owner, literally destroyed his own weapon with a sledge-hammer. MAN DESTROYS HIS OWN AR-15 TO PROTEST ASSAULT…

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Second School Shooting This Month Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Wounded At NAU

October 9, 2015

Just eight days after the campus shooting in Roseburg, Oregon left 10 dead and seven wounded, another shooting has occurred in Flagstaff, Ariz. Around 1:20 a.m. students at Northern Arizona University heard what they thought to be firecrackers. Stephanie Marie…

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Summerville High School Students Jailed For Mass Shooting Plot

October 4, 2015

Summerville High School Students Arrested Before They Can Carry Out School Shooting In the wake of the Umpqua College Shooting and the frustration expressed by President Barack Obama, the nation is becoming increasingly aware of the growing acceptance that these…

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TX GOP-Backed Bill Would Enable Teachers To Kill Students ‘In Defense Of School Property’

January 29, 2015

If a brand new Texas style “shoot ’em up” bill ever becomes law, Texas public school teachers, who are already able to legally pack while at school, will have the right to use “deadly force” against students in defense of…

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