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Trump’s Deplorable EPA Chief Says US Should Quit Paris Climate Deal; Promptly Shills for Big Coal

April 14, 2017

There are many reasons why the Republican Party is a threat to the country. Whether it’s hurting the poor through the gutting of food stamp provisions, or ruining people’s chances of getting health coverage, there is something genuinely sinister about…

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Trump’s EPA Chief May Face Discipline for Lying to Congress in Confirmation Hearings

March 21, 2017

Lying About Using Personal Email May Lead To Discipline For Scott Pruitt An environmental watchdog group has paired with a law professor to file a formal complaint against Donald Trump’s EPA Director Scott Pruitt. While there are multiple allegations that he…

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At Least 5 Trump Cabinet Secretaries Have Lied To Congress

March 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions Joins Four Others In Donald Trump Cabinet Caught Lying To Senate Donald Trump was enjoying the glory of pundits giving him a pat on the back for, basically, not yelling during his lie-riddled address to Congress. And that…

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NASA Defiantly Releasing Climate Change Data Despite Trump Administration’s Anti-Science Agenda

February 18, 2017

Now that the U.S. has elected a climate change denier-in-chief, it’s comforting to know that NASA remains resolute in posting crucial information regarding climate change. As The Washington Post notes, NASA’s social media feeds show little, if any indication that…

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Trump EPA Pick Ordered to Release Thousands of Potentially Explosive Emails Hours Before Confirmation Vote

February 16, 2017

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s nominee to direct the EPA, has hit a snag one day ahead of his confirmation vote. A judge in his home state has ruled that his office must release thousands of emails to…

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Bernie Sanders Obliterates Trump EPA Pick On Climate Change, Earthquakes (VIDEO)

January 18, 2017

Scott Pruitt Gets Grilled By Bernie Sanders On Human Impact On Climate Change And Fracking Earthquakes There is no question some of the picks Donald Trump made for his cabinet have been getting hammered in their hearings by Democrats and…

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Sen. Blumenthal: Halt Confirmation Hearings For Trump Appointments Until They Pass Background Checks

January 11, 2017

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is concerned enough about President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks that he has called for a halt to their Senate confirmation hearings until each goes through background checks, according to CBS News. While Congress isn’t able to…

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