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‘You Are A Warrior:’ Joe Biden Writes An Amazing Letter To Stanford Rape Survivor

June 9, 2016

Biden’s letter is packed with emotion Vice President Joe Biden weighs in on the Stanford rape case. ice President Joe Biden did something truly remarkable, speaking for women everywhere, when he wrote a moving letter to the anonymous woman who…

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Panicking Fox ‘News’: Benghazi Hearings Showed Hillary’s ‘Chilling Soul’

October 23, 2015

It became clear in the middle of the Benghazi hearings that Republicans’ big moment, grilling Hillary Clinton for 11 hours in a kangaroo Salem trial they’d built up for months, was an absolute flop. Republicans may as well have orchestrated…

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B.B. King: Voice Of The Blues And America

May 15, 2015

I’ve been playing guitar for nigh on thirty-two years. Got my first real six-string, (sorry), in November 1983, when I was 11, and although it’s been love-hate since then, I’ve never looked back. In those three decades, my ears have…

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