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Bill O’Reilly Ignites Firestorm With Openly Racist Comments (VIDEO)

December 21, 2016

Bill O’Reilly Embraces Electoral College For Racist Reasons Bill O’Reilly, like many conservatives these days, made a plea in favor of the electoral college. The electoral college, after all, has handed the GOP two presidents in the past two decades…

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Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu’s Daughter Kicked From Church For Outrageous Reason

May 24, 2016

Desmond Tutu’s Daughter, Mpho Tutu-van furth, Out over same-sex marriage Archbishop Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for leading part of the nonviolent struggle against apartheid in South Africa. His daughter, Reverend Mpho Tutu-van Furth, followed in…

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CIA Aided Racist Regime’s Arrest Of Nelson Mandela, Says Ex-Operative

May 16, 2016

he role of the CIA in the manipulation of the political course of countries around the world is well-documented. The agency has backed or orchestrated violent coups and regime changes from Iran to Chile. The shady interventions of the CIA across…

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South Africa Offers Scholarships To Girls Who Stay Virgins (VIDEO)

February 12, 2016

South Africa Grants ‘Maiden Scholarships’ for Virgins In the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Zulu girls have the chance to earn a scholarship with the condition of remaining a virgin throughout their university studies. The Maiden’s Bursary Award…

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Non-Profit Empowers Young Girls In Afghanistan Through Skateboarding (VIDEO)

December 24, 2015

In Afganistan, girls do not participate in sports, but with skateboarding, this Aussie found a loophole Australian native Oliver Percovich began skateboarding on his sixth birthday while growing up in Papua New Guinea, and ever since it was an embedded…

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Protest Over Girlfriend-Shooter’s Early Release Lands Oscar Pistorius Back In Jail (VIDEO)

October 6, 2015

Oscar Pistorius Ordered To Receive Psychotherapy, Won’t Be Released. The Oscar Pistorius case is a frustrating testament to how hard it can be to get justice for women who are murdered by the men in their lives. Pistorius stood on…

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