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Florida Supreme Court Shoots Down ‘Stand Your Ground on Steroids’ Law

July 3, 2017

Stand Your Ground on Steroids Gets Shot Down The Florida Supreme Court just shot down a law that could be called Stand Your Ground on Steroids, which the NRA lobbied for this spring. On June 9th, Florida Governor Rick Scott…

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George Zimmerman, Conservative Folk Hero, Is The Perfect Trump Running Mate

May 13, 2016

Donald Trump Needs A Running Mate, And George Zimmerman Could Use a Job I want you to close your eyes for a moment. Well, wait, read this paragraph, then close your eyes. Still with me? That was a close one.…

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This Black Conservative’s DONE With The GOP — Here’s Why

November 5, 2015

Meet Issac J. Bailey. He’s one of those fabled black conservative voters white liberals keep hearing about, but can’t believe such a thing could exist.  And no, Bailey’s not stupid, he’s not crazy, and he certainly is not what people used…

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ALEC Joins Politicians With Corporate Criminals

July 8, 2015

Along with Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, Republican Governor Scott Walker will address the annual American Legal Exchange Council (ALEC) convention in San Diego in September. Walker has been affiliated with ALEC for more than 20 years. The reforms he has instituted…

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George Zimmerman Injured In The Face In Road Shooting

May 11, 2015

According to local news reports, George Zimmerman was injured in the face early Monday afternoon during a confrontation in Lake Mary, Florida, near Orlando. His injury is reportedly minor and not life-threatening. Conflicting accounts reported the incident differently. Initial reports…

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Nebraska Republican: Female Opponents of Stand Your Ground Law ‘Hysterical Ladies’ (VIDEO)

February 28, 2015

Following a hearing to introduce Stand Your Ground language to Nebraska law, Republican State Senator, William Kintner went on his Facebook page and characterized those offering opposing testimony as “Hysterical.” “It was a pretty short hearing, without the fireworks the…

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