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Need Help Preparing for the Midterms? These Resources and Questions Will Help You

October 10, 2018

The midterms are almost upon us- be prepared with these resources!

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How Deep Does the Dark Money Well Run? Midterm Spending is Already Over $20 Million

October 10, 2018

Dark money is desperately being pumped into elections across the country in time for the midterms.

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Billionaire George Soros Has A Plan To Transform America’s Justice System—And It Just Might Work (VIDEO)

September 1, 2016

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros is taking a page from the political circus that is the 2016 Presidential election and tweaking it a bit. While other mega-donors pour money into the presidential and congressional campaigns, Soros is changing the American justice system for the…

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Trump Staffers’ Plagiarism Confession Revealed MUCH Bigger Violation

July 21, 2016

The Trump Campaign May Have Admitted To A Serious Federal Violation The Donald Trump campaign is desperate to move on from the embarrassment of Melania Trump’s speech, initially considered the gem of Monday’s opening night events, which contained an entire paragraph…

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Clinton Just Dropped A Major Bombshell At Netroots In A Huge Win For Democracy! (VIDEO)

July 16, 2016

Perhaps Bernie Sanders really has influenced Hillary Clinton. She now says if she’s elected president, she plans to implement a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Citizens United decision during her first month in office. Will Clinton put an end to…

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The REAL Reason Sheldon Adelson Endorsed Trump

May 16, 2016

Adelson Is Ready To Spend At Least $100 Million On Trump The Republican party’s most generous campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson, issued a tepid but clear statement of support for the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Writing in the Washington Post,…

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‘Really Rich’ Trump Could Pocket Donations, Campaign Says

May 14, 2016

Donald Trump has spent much of his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination reminding American voters, and the world how ‘great‘ he is. He has boasted about having the ‘best words‘ and his, ahem, manhood. He especially wants voters to know…

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Trump Just Broke A Huge Campaign Promise That Propelled His Nomination Win

May 5, 2016

As Donald Trump segues from the nomination contest to the general election, he has to make some big decisions. How does he build on the momentum he created with pro-authoritarian voters to launch a national campaign that has a prayer of…

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Study: In A True Democracy, Bernie Sanders Would Have A Significant Financial Advantage

March 26, 2016

A recent study by the non-profit U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) suggested small donor matching funds could help level the electoral playing field in the age of big money donors and Super PACs. U.S. PIRG, a liberal research…

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Warren Declares War Against Dark Money, Lashes Out At Hypocrites From Both Parties (VIDEO)

January 22, 2016

Elizabeth Warren lambasts Citizens United, jabs at presidential candidates who take dark money On the sixth anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) took to the Senate floor to give a scathing speech on the Supreme Court’s…

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