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Private Prisons Aren’t Going Away, They’re Just Morphing Into Something Uglier

October 12, 2016

Private prisons plunge n August, the Justice Department announced plans to end the use of private prisons. Officials concluded the facilities aren’t particularly safe and aren’t as effective at providing correctional services as government-run facilities. And once that happened the Department of Homeland…

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‘Too Many Of Them Are Dying’: NY Mayor Proposes Bold Response To Heroin Crisis

February 23, 2016

An upstate New York mayor is proposing a bold and radical new tool to use against the nation’s growing heroin crisis: the first supervised injection facility in the United States.  Svante Myrick, the Democratic Mayor of Ithaca, New York  told…

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If We Treated Wall Street’s Money Addicts The Way We Treat Drug Addicts

July 27, 2015

Dear Wall Street, we’ve brought you here today because we’re all worried about your addiction to money. We’re sorry, but you’re long overdue for some serious intervention. Back in the day, we admired you for your drive, your savvy, your strong work…

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Cure Cancer With Polio? Duke University Scientist Says Maybe (Video)

April 2, 2015

Cancer, the dreaded C word, no other word in the English language invokes quite the same terror after a visit to the doctor. When that cancer is of the brain, called glioblastoma, it is almost invariably a death sentence. But…

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