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Trump is Stressing Americans Out — And it’s Causing Problems for Industry

September 20, 2018

In these harsh political times, Trump is adding to the already tough workplace stress.

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Citizens Rally to Kick White Supremacists Out of Town: This Is How You Deal With Nazis (VIDEO)

December 10, 2016

Citizens are fighting against the rise of neo-nazis As we reported in early December, when an interracial couple’s house was severely vandalized, hate crimes have been on the rise since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. To…

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Young Republican Chair Rips Trumps While Stepping Down. And She’s Not Alone…

May 25, 2016

Chair Eviscerates Donald Trump In Facebook Resignation Post Katrina Elaine Jørgensen was the Communications Chair for the Young Republican National Federation and recently decided to resign that post somewhat publicly. In a scathing Facebook post, Jørgensen resigned her position and…

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