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Hate Crimes Are Way Up in Trump’s America — And Russia Might Just Be Behind It

July 7, 2018

Association doesn't equal causation but this is still shocking.

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Trump DISGRACES MLK Weekend By Attacking Legendary Civil Rights Leader

January 14, 2017

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a widely revered figure in the country whose name has become synonymous with the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. He championed equal rights for every citizen in the country, and as such…

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The NY Times Promotes A Dangerous False Equivalency Between Trump Supporters And Hate Crime Victims

December 11, 2016

“The New York Times” has a false equivalency problem If there was ever a newspaper that had a steady, yet visible, fall from grace, it would have to be “The New York Times.” Once considered to be one of the greatest…

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Citizens Rally to Kick White Supremacists Out of Town: This Is How You Deal With Nazis (VIDEO)

December 10, 2016

Citizens are fighting against the rise of neo-nazis As we reported in early December, when an interracial couple’s house was severely vandalized, hate crimes have been on the rise since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. To…

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Donald Trump’s ‘Star Of David’ Tweet Denial Opens Floodgate Of Bigotry

July 7, 2016

Star Of David Tweet Triggers Bold Public Relations Strategy Donald Trump referred to his “anti-Semitic” anti-Hillary tweet controversy at a rally in Cincinnati, denying that the tweet had the Star of David on it, adding that he wished it hadn’t been…

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Leading Newspaper Begs GOP To Rig Their Convention To Save Democracy

March 17, 2016

As Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump grows in his delegate lead, knocking off one major rival after another, much of the Republican party have begun fretting about him securing the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, starting on…

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