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Trump Dishonors D-Day Anniversary With Disgusting Twitter Rant

June 6, 2017

Two days before the presidential election, on November 6, it was reported that staff members of the Trump campaign had “confiscated” then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Twitter account in an attempt to control his behavior. Though the campaign insisted that this…

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REPORT: Military Families Are Already Suffering Under Trump, And It’s About To Get Worse

March 1, 2017

rump built his campaign in part on a promise to give the military support he thought was lacking. Yet in his first month in office, he has already enacted policies that have hurt military families, and things are set to…

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15 Lies And Fallacies Of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

April 28, 2016

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Views Are Released And They Are Atrocious Donald Trump unveiled much of his foreign policy positions today and unleashed an avalanche of questionable ideas that bear closer scrutiny. Most of his views range from delusional to…

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