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The Four Horsemen of Donald Trump’s Personal Apocalypse are Coming for Him

September 1, 2017

President Trump drew a red line in the sand for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible treason or other crimes by individuals in the Trump circle, likely including Trump himself and his son Donald Jr., and others, and…

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Trump’s New FBI Director Deleted Info About Russian Government Case from Biography

June 20, 2017

Report Says FBI Nominee Removed Info About Russian Government Case From Online Biography In what appears to be a case of awkward timing, Christopher Wray deleted the detail before Trump nominated him to serve as the country’s new FBI Director. n…

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The New Acting FBI Director Just Blew Massive Holes in Trump’s Excuse to Fire James Comey

May 11, 2017

“Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI.” Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe contradicted White House claims that the recently fired director James Comey had lost the support of the Bureau. Speaking at a White House Press Briefing, Deputy Press…

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Ahead of Yates Testimony, NBC Drops Bombshell About Trump, Obama, and Michael Flynn

May 8, 2017

Officials: Obama Warned Trump About Michael Flynn, But He Didn’t Listen Three Obama administration officials revealed the 44th president’s warning on the same day ex-deputy AG Sally Yates is set to testify. hen-President Barack Obama warned President-elect Donald Trump not…

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