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What Makes S’Mores so Damn Enticing? History Gives us the Answer

July 7, 2018

There's s'more to this yummy summer snack than you think...

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BREAKING: Mass Shooting at Youtube HQ — But Don’t Worry, Trump Sent ‘Thoughts & Prayers’

April 3, 2018

According to news reports, a woman in her 30’s approached an outdoor dining area at Youtube’s headquarters, at around 12:30 pm pacific time, and opened fire with a gun. Confirmed: Active shooter at YouTube HQ in San Bruno. “It’s a…

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Former Trump Aide Was ‘Haunted’ By President’s Tweets

February 9, 2018

Trump’s Tweets led to a scary situation with one Trump Aide One of the more amusing stories to come out in 2016 was that Donald Trump’s Twitter account had been confiscated by his staff the week of the election. Of…

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Trump Inspires ‘Stable Genius’ Bill to Prevent National Nightmare from Recurring

January 9, 2018

Trump continues to unintentionally inspire progressive change Representative Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania has pushed forward a bill that will add one more criterion for anyone wishing to run for President: they must pass a mental health exam. Aptly called the Stable…

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Trump Shill Kellyanne ‘Conjob’s’ Latest ‘Alternative Fact’ is the Biggest Doozy of All So Far

January 2, 2018

If there is one thing the Republican Donald Trump administration and his party in Congress have been repeatedly lying about lately, it’s the idea that they tried to be bipartisan in 2017. And the latest example came this morning from…

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Delusional Trump Boasts Hispanics Will ‘Fall In Love’ With Him Once He Starts Deporting Dreamers

January 2, 2018

Trump Capped Off A Bizarre Morning on Twitter with An Outlandish and Unfounded Claim about non-existant Hispanic support for his immigration policies. If you were hoping that President Trump would take a more reasoned approach on Twitter in 2018, consider your…

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Trump’s Latest Twitter Storm on Flynn and Comey Delves Into Conspiracy Nut Territory

December 3, 2017

Trump attacks Comey in latest tweet President Trump’s latest Twitter tirade focused on the recent development in the Russiagate scandal: Michael Flynn’s cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Though the Senate’s late-night passing of their disturbing tax reform plan has…

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Trump Suffers Major Humiliation in Luther Strange Defeat and Scrambles to Delete Supportive Tweets

September 27, 2017

The Tweets speak for themselves When Jeff Sessions was selected to be President Trump’s Attorney General, he had to leave his Alabama Senate seat vacant, leading a special election getting scheduled for December 12, 2017. While the Democrats relatively easily…

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Trump Apparently Reverses DACA Stance, and His Vile, Racist Base is Going Ballistic (TWEETS)

September 14, 2017

Donald Trump Has Nice Words For DACA Recipients, His Base Lashes Out No one should have been surprised that some supporters of Republican Donald Trump were not the most tolerant of people different from themselves. Considering the way he started…

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Trump Gets Crucified on Social Media for Tweeting Book Promo in Middle of Post-Hurricane Chaos

August 27, 2017

Texas Drowns as Trump recommends ‘great’ book On Sunday morning, as Texas drowns, racism soars and Russian collusion looms, Donald Trump awoke and took to Twitter. But he didn’t send out heartfelt prayers to Texans. He didn’t mobilize unity against…

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