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BREAKING: Michael Cohen’s Business Partner Flips – Trump’s Lawyers Freaking Out

May 22, 2018

Is Trump's "fixer" about to become his biggest problem?

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Giuliani’s BS: Trump-Russia Probe Deadline ‘Made Up’ — White House Panicking

May 21, 2018

This Sunday, President Trump’s new personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani started making the rounds on television again presenting a ridiculous defense. When Giuliani first started publicly defending Trump in April he reportedly did a lot more damage than expected, frustrating the…

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‘Raped, Frightened, and Sad’ – Former Trump Doctor’s Offices Were Raided by Thugs

May 1, 2018

Trump went full-on mob boss On February 3, 2017, one of Trump’s long-time physicians, Doctor Harold Bornstein, found himself the subject of a raid by Trump officials. The event, which Bornstein shockingly compared to being “raped, frightened, and sad” at…

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REPORT: Trump’s Lawyers Struggling to Deal With Unhinged President

June 18, 2017

Trump’s Staff can’t control him Social media has grown to become a powerful instrument of information transference and propaganda. Journalist Fareed Zakaria summarized things best when he asked comedian Bill Maher a simple question during an interview in the weeks…

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