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The NRA’s Heartless Response To The Orlando Massacre Says It All (Tweets)

June 13, 2016

Empathetic as usual (sarcasm alert), the National Rifle Association, the agency which has the blood of innocents on its hands did what it always seems to do in regards to Sunday’s horrific massacre of 50 people in an LGBTQ bar…

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Jeb Bush Continues Trend Of Sabotaging His Campaign With NRA Gaffe

January 6, 2016

Jeb Bush’s latest NRA gaffe is one of many follies from his campaign Remember when Jeb Bush was the frontrunner in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries? Neither does anyone else as his short-lived lead was merely a blip on an…

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Why Bernie Sanders Is The Best Candidate For Gun Control

January 4, 2016

Are Democrats mistaking Bernie Sanders’ softer tone on gun control for weakness rather than pragmatism? Both pro-gun and gun control advocates affirm that if their beliefs were enacted in the form of legislation, the frequency and depth of mass shooting…

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How A Georgia State Law Loophole Allows Mentally Ill To Buy A Gun

December 28, 2015

Thousands of people who had been involuntarily committed to mental health care treatment centers in the state of Georgia were registered in the national database gun dealers utilize when running background checks on prospective buyers. Georgia removed many of those…

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North Carolina Deputies Seize 130 Weapons From Convicted Felon

December 25, 2015

A tip to the Bladen County Sheriff’s office led to the seizure of 130 weapons in Kelly, North Carolina on Friday, December 18th. The enormous stockpile belonged to 72-year-old Andrew Jackson Simmons, who also happens to be a convicted felon.…

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President Obama Greeted By Armed And Ignorant Protesters In Oregon

October 9, 2015

Instead of sympathy, support, kinship, and benevolence, this is the face that a large group of protesters in Roseburg, Oregon chose to put forward today when President Obama visited their city. The ugly face of cowardice, hatred, racism, fear, and…

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Australia Threatens International Boycott Over US Gun Violence

October 6, 2015

Is America in need of an intervention re: gun violence? Since President Obama took office in 2008 there have been upwards of a thousand mass shootings in this country, almost one per day. Sometimes there have even been three and…

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Oregon Shooter’s Mom Stockpiles Weapons, Liked To Take Him Shooting

October 5, 2015

“She said she had multiple guns,” Laurel Harper’s neighbor Shelly Steele told the New York Daily News on Saturday. “[She] believed wholeheartedly in the Second Amendment and wanted to get all the guns she could before someone outlawed them.” Laurel Harper is…

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Singer Rosanne Cash Angers Fans Because She Supports Gun Control

October 5, 2015

After the mass shooting that took nine lives at Umpqua Community College, singer Rosanne Cash posted a petition on her Facebook page asking her fans and followers for support to reinstate the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons. “If you are as sick…

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Lying Gun Pusher Sean Hannity: Armed Veteran ‘Not Allowed’ To Help Take Down Shooter (VIDEO)

October 4, 2015

Having the chance to stop a mass shooting is the moment of vindication every “good guy with a gun” dreams of, right?  John Parker Jr. — an Umpqua Community College student and armed veteran with a concealed carry license — was only 200 yards away…

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