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Birds Of A Feather: Trump Wants BFF Farage To Be UK Ambassador To The US

November 24, 2016

Donald Trump doesn’t play by the rules, we all know that. Whether it’s refusing to declare his tax returns, not respecting women and their bodies or declining to accept the results of an election unless he is declared victorious, it is clear…

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John Kerry Comes Clean: New Documents Shed Light On ‘Dirty War’ In Argentina

August 5, 2016

Obama’s administration cooperates with cleaning Argentina’s Dirty War Before Obama’s administration is over, some promises are yet to be kept. One of these is the one the U.S. has with Argentina and the efforts to clean the stain of its…

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Putin Is Not F*cking Around, American Democracy Is Under Attack

July 25, 2016

How Vladimir Putin Is Threatening American Democracy he first eyebrow-raising moment was a week before Christmas in 2015 when Vladimir Putin endorsed Donald Trump for president, and Trump called it a “great honor.”  The connection between Putin and an American presidential…

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Erdogan’s Purge In Turkey Pushes U.S. Ally Over The Edge To Tyranny

July 19, 2016

Turkey Is Treading a dangerous path with Erdogan Turkey is on the brink of tyranny after President Erdogan responds to the military’s failed coup with an authoritarian hand. resident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may be taking Turkey through a vary dangerous…

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ISIS Awash With American Firepower: Terrorists Are Taking U.S. Weapons To Arm Insurgents

June 30, 2016

ISIS in Iraq and Syria just got their hands on more U.S. weapons Are we sure ISIS is losing the fight? The recent Istanbul bombing seems to prove the opposite; and the fact that the terrorist group keeps getting its…

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Trump Says He’ll Talk Nukes With North Korea. It Will Be Terrific, Folks, OK? Trust Him.

May 18, 2016

Donald Trump Says he will speak and negotiate with North Korea On Tuesday, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told Reuters  that he is more than willing to meet with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. The meeting would…

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Russia Stiffens Offense As US Launches European Missile Defense Shield (VIDEO)

May 13, 2016

U.S. activation of defense shield has seriously angered Russia Last Thursday, the United States launched a new $800 million ground-based missile defense system in Romania, resulting in the escalation of new tensions with Russia, which demonstrates how the old cold-war relation between both countries is far…

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Iran Hardliner’s Saber-Rattling Bluster Proves Obama’s Diplomacy Working

May 4, 2016

Iran threatens the US with closing major oil trade passage An Iranian military leader accused the US of “threatening” behavior against the Islamic Republic, Monday. If US threats don’t stop, then Iran will close one of the most important oil trade passages to the US…

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Why The US Is Now Exploding Missiles Above Houses In Middle East (VIDEO)

April 27, 2016

US adopts Israeli military tactic in Iraq trying to spare lives The United States has adopted the roof knocking tactic in its fights against Daesh in Iraq in an effort to save civilian lives. The knock-on-the-roof tactic is, in fact, an…

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US Quietly Helping Saudi Arabia Win Its Yemen War Despite Threats Over 9/11 Bill

April 20, 2016

The US is cooperating with Saudi Arabia yet tension persists On his final trip to the region, US President Barack Obama landed today in Saudi Arabia in what was expected to be a very tense yet important encounter. President Obama’s…

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