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‘Like Taking a Bazooka to a Fly’: Voter ‘Fraud’ Crusader’s Deceit Exposed in Red State Trial

March 21, 2018

Voters in Kansas have been saved Voter fraud is a serious issue that is very far from being a serious problem in the United States. Yet if someone is a Republican voter, they are probably under the impression that close…

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This Red State’s Voting Laws Are So Racist, Courts Ruled Against Them 4 Times in the Past 9 Days

August 25, 2017

In what can only be described as unsurprising, a federal court has found a Republican-controlled state in this country to be guilty of gerrymandering, or redrawing district lines to favor a single political party, in order to disenfranchise African Americans.…

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Something Scary Happened In the Republican Districts of Indiana During Election Years

August 10, 2017

When it comes to elections, the two main parties in this country have very different concerns over the potential problems affecting the outcomes. Republicans have developed a paranoia regarding voter fraud, fearing that either illegal immigrants are voting in droves…

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Assault On Democracy: House GOP Just Voted To Kill Commission That Oversees Voter Machine Hacking

February 7, 2017

House Committee Votes To Gut Bipartisan Elections Commission The same day that Mike Pence became the first Vice President in American history to be summoned to break a 50-50 split in a Cabinet confirmation vote for Betsy DeVos, members of…

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BREAKING REPORT: Election Absolutely ‘Rigged’ For Trump Via Voter Suppression

December 19, 2016

The Election was rigged courtesy of minority voters being sUPPRESSED While he was on “The View” on November 14th, a little more than a week after Trump won the general election, Senator Bernie Sanders was asked how leftists in this…

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What To Do If Trump Thugs Try To Intimidate You On Election Day

November 5, 2016

Trump Thugs May Be Planning On Harassing And Intimidating Voters On Election Day Friday evening, a Federal judge in Ohio warned the Trump campaign and Trump’s nefarious supporters not to harass or intimidate voters on election day, also barring them…

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BREAKING: Trump Voter Intimidation BLOCKED By Restraining Order

November 4, 2016

A federal judge on Friday has issued a shocking restraining order against Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s campaign, as well as long-time Trump confidant and adviser Roger Stone to prevent what he calls “harassing or intimidating conduct.” U.S. District Judge James…

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BREAKING: SCOTUS Puts Final Nail In Coffin Of Racist North Carolina Voter ID Law

August 31, 2016

Supreme Court Chooses Not To Hear Case, Keeping Unanimous Lower Court Decision In Place The Supreme Court rendered a 4-4 split decision declining to hear the case challenging a lower court ruling that threw out North Carolina’s 2013 voter ID…

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This Key Swing State Purged Tens Of Thousands Of ‘Occasional’ Voters And The GOP Is Thrilled

June 2, 2016

Ohio Purged nearly 150k voters from the rolls, hitting Dem-leaning areas most If you live in the critically important state of Ohio and have not voted in the past few elections, you are probably ineligible to vote right now. If…

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Voter Suppression: You Can Now Be Imprisoned For Collecting Ballots

May 17, 2016

GOP’s Latest Voter Suppression Trick, Banning Ballot Collection, Targets Latinos and the Elderly. Voters lost another battle in Arizona, where the legislature finally passed a law banning the door-to-door collection of mail-in ballots. Ballot collecting, or ballot harvesting as it…

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