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‘Massive Military Response’: Mattis Issues Terse Warning to N. Korea

September 3, 2017

In brief statement in which he took no questions Defense Secretary James Mattis announced Sunday that the North Korea threat may be met with a ‘massive military response’, prompting speculation that the United States could be planning a preemptive attack.…

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Dem Rep Scolds Trump for Dangerous Tweets as North Korean Nuclear Tensions Escalate

September 3, 2017

With tensions ratcheting up yet again with the rogue nation of North Korea, this time the result of a hydrogen bomb test estimated to be 5-10x the strength of previous nuclear tests,  the world watches and waits anxiously to see…

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Bombing All the Way to the Bank: Syria Strike Makes Trump a War Profiteer

April 8, 2017

Trump Fattened His Own Pocket When He Bombed Syria Donald Trump bombed a Syrian airbase used by Russia in Syria, Thursday. Infuriatingly, much of official Washington and the media has lauded the attack, without questioning the reasoning behind it. One…

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Congress Acts to Block Saudi Tank Sales After Innocent Civilians Killed

September 20, 2016

Congress and Senate want to block U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia The U.S. House and Senate have taken major steps toward the blockage and limit of U.S. arms sales to its Middle Eastern ally, Saudi Arabia. fter the Saudi kingdom led…

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Criminalizing Childhood: These Schools Call The Cops On Little Kids — For Being Kids!

July 10, 2016

Children reported To Police. Their Crime? being Children. If you have kids in school, you might want to know what schools in New Jersey have been up to. ast May, the Collingswood Public School System adopted a policy requiring that…

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ISIS Awash With American Firepower: Terrorists Are Taking U.S. Weapons To Arm Insurgents

June 30, 2016

ISIS in Iraq and Syria just got their hands on more U.S. weapons Are we sure ISIS is losing the fight? The recent Istanbul bombing seems to prove the opposite; and the fact that the terrorist group keeps getting its…

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BREAKING: Shooting Inside German Movie Theater, At Least 25 Injured

June 23, 2016

A man opened fire inside German movie theater near Frankfurt A gunman reportedly opened fire and barricaded himself inside a German movie theater this Thursday; reports claim there are at least 25 people after taking many hostages. The shooting happened at…

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NIGHTMARE: Gun Lobby Strong-Arms Courts To Make FULLY Automatic Machine Guns Easy To Buy

June 14, 2016

America’s Gun Nightmare Could Get Much Darker As America mourns the 49 innocent people murdered in Orlando, Sunday, by an AR-15 wielding man, the national discussion turns to our national nightmare that it’s so easy for someone with a history of…

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BREAKING: Trump Delegate Indicted On Disgusting Charges

May 19, 2016

A Trump delegate was just indicted on federal charges A 30-year-old Maryland man who is a delegate to the Republican convention selected by the Donald Trump campaign was indicted on four federal charges, Tuesday, Mother Jones reported. According to a federal…

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Cops Mercilessly Gun Down Scared, Sick Old Man In Shocking Bodycam Video

May 16, 2016

Bodycameras Film Police Killing Of 76-Year-Old Paranoid Schizophrenic uestions are being raised about the methods police in Burlington, VT, used to release a video that shows them killing mentally ill a 76-year-old man. Although police released a significant amount of…

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