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Listen To This Scary Bullsh*t About How ‘Alt-Right’ Racists Plan To Help Trump ‘Change The World’

November 20, 2016

If You Build It, They Will Come… “Alt-right” white nationalists gathered in our nation’s Capitol this weekend. They are openly energized and emboldened by the election of Donald Trump to the White House. Instead of being relegated to the backrooms…

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Alt-Right ‘Enabler’ Tomi Lahren Gets Epic Schooling By Anti-Trump Conservative (VIDEO)

October 26, 2016

Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren is an avid Donald Trump supporter, but on Monday night she tangled with fellow conservative pundit Ben Howe, who is most decidedly NOT a Trump supporter. And unlike Lahren, Howe likes to use reasoned arguments. So…

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Trump Jr. Cuts & Runs From Interview When Reporter Asks About Shady Trump Foundation (VIDEO)

September 16, 2016

Donald Trump Jr. abruptly cut an interview short after being questioned about his dad’s shady business dealings. Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t want to answer the hard questions. Just like dear old dad He was questioned about a Washington Post report…

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White Supremacists Gain Strength Through Trump’s Campaign

August 3, 2016

Spurred by their idol Donald Trump, white supremacists are crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches. But calling them cockroaches is an insult to cockroaches. You generally won’t find them hiding under white sheets anymore, but they are out there…

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SNL Hysterically Skewers Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

March 6, 2016

Last night Saturday Night Live ran a sketch that revealed the truth about Donald Trump supporters. The sketch starts out in the vein of any other slick campaign ad with ‘real Americans’ talking about why they support Trump, like his…

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Guess Who’s Dialing For Trump? ‘We Are White Supremacists, Donald Trump Is Our Man’ (VIDEO)

February 6, 2016

White Supremacist super PAC makes robocalls for Donald Trump. Robocalls from a new, white supremacist, pro-Donald Trump super PAC are raising a ruckus as the primary season goes into full swing. Their message?  CNN puts it in a nutshell: “We are white supremacists, Donald…

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NEW VIDEO Shows White Terrorists Stalking Black Lives Matters Protests Before Shooting (VIDEO)

November 24, 2015

Still think there’s no problem with guns, racism and white terrorists in America? If you still don’t think our nation has a problem with guns, racism and white terrorists, maybe Monday night’s shootings will make you think again. As Black Lives Matter…

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White Supremacists Shoot Multiple BLM Protesters – Police Say They ‘Asked For This’

November 24, 2015

Police response to BLM protesters being shot is Nearly As despicable As White Supremacists’ actions The death of Jamar Clark at the hands of Minneapolis police while in police custody has sparked a wave of protests around the city. The…

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Homeland Security Has Been Surveiling Black Lives Matter

July 27, 2015

According to documents obtained by The Intercept via a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring the Black Lives Matter movement, by collecting data relating to public protests, vigils, and other events, and information from…

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