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Studies Conclude: Majority of Trump Voters Motivated By Racism—Not Just Economic Concerns

April 7, 2017

Trump voters are hypocrites A recent study published by American National Election Studies (ANES) confirms what many of us already suspected: That most voters who supported Trump weren’t doing so because of his economic policies. They were doing it because…

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Nicki Minaj STILL Has Every Right To Feel Pissed Off At Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

October 7, 2015

Why is Nicki Minaj still pissed at Miley Cyrus? It’s called “cultural appropriation” “I saw [Miley Cyrus] just looking at me, with her face screwed up,” Nikki Minaj told Vanessa Grigoriadis from The New York Times, “and I thought, ‘What the…!'” Grigoriadis had just asked…

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