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‘Listen Up!’ WW2 Vet Bitterly SHREDS Trump’s Russian Treason In This Take-No-Prisoners Ad (VIDEO)

April 12, 2017

As Donald Trump’s presidency edges closer to the one hundred day mark, the one thing that we can say for certain is that nothing is no longer for certain. This uncertainty is particularly pronounced when assessing US-Russian relations since the…

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On Donald Trump, Anne Frank And Auschwitz

January 28, 2016

On the morning of January 27th, 1945, Otto Frank, former spice merchant and father of two, awoke to find a scene which could hardly be imagined. Passing through the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp which had held him prisoner…

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U.S. Treasury: Stop Ignoring The Little Guy!

June 11, 2015

My wife’s grandfather Donato landed on the beaches at Normandy on June 11th, 1944, five days after the initial D-Day invasion that gave the Allied troops a hold on the beaches and forced the Germans to fight a two front…

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WWII Vet Shares His Profoundly Moving Poetry About His Lost Brother In Arms (VIDEO)

May 25, 2015

We all need to remember the true meaning behind why we, as a nation, celebrate Memorial Day. It’s not a day so much to celebrate, but rather honor and mourn those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the…

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Sorry Folks: Goodwill Does Not Want Your ‘Gently Used’ Hand Grenades (VIDEO)

May 12, 2015

“I’m in the dressing room trying on bathing suits,” Dawn Banks told KIRO TV7, “and all of the sudden an announcement comes over the loud speaker that all customers need to leave the store immediately.” She was shopping at a…

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