A fresh Wingstop ranch can taste more flavorful than a store-bought ranch that comes with preservatives and artificial additives. Wingstop ranch tastes great with buffalo chicken wings, chips, pizza, fried chicken, and even raw vegetables. To make an easy ranch dressing mix here like the Wingstop ranch recipe needs minimal processing, and takes less than 5 minutes. This Wingstop recipe tastes just like you are eating at a Wingstop restaurant.

The right Wingstop ranch recipe makes smooth, creamy, and slightly tangy ranch that is fresh and addictive. The trick to preparing the ranch that has the right texture and flavor is choosing the freshest ingredients. Whether you are preparing Wingstop ranch for your kids to make their lunch interesting, as a salad dressing for your dinner date, or for a movie night where you eat ranch with burgers and fries, this ranch recipe will not fail to impress your kids, friends, or date.

The Wingstop ranch recipe is sour cream, buttermilk, and mayonnaise. You are probably thinking, why mayonnaise? But trust me, mayonnaise helps you get that creamy texture without making your ranch runny. For a fluffy and smooth ranch, you need the goodness and texture of all three.

Other than these three ingredients, you need some dill, parsley, and garlic powder to enhance the flavor of your ranch. For a slight tanginess, a squish of lime and some salt and pepper to taste. The ranch can last up to a week in your refrigerator however, it is better to consume it within 2 days when it tastes fresh and delicious.

So, let’s get to how to make Wingstop ranch.

Wingstop Ranch Recipe: Ingredients

Wingstop Ranch Recipe Ingredients

Here is a list of ingredients and a short brief on why these ingredients are important.

Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is the most essential ingredient in your Wingstop ranch recipe and should not be skipped for two reasons; it makes the ranch creamy and gives it a fluffy and smooth texture. Secondly, it combines everything and doesn’t let a layer of water separate or form on top.

Sour Cream: Sour cream is the main ingredient in your ranch dressing mix. It gives your ranch dressing a unique flavor. If you don’t like to use regular sour cream because you’re vegan, the regular sour cream is too heavy for you to digest, or you have lactose intolerance, you can switch to a vegan sour cream which is also a low-calorie sour cream.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk is fermented milk, even if it may not be too appealing, it gives the ranch its basic tanginess and creaminess. You can buy buttermilk or make it at home in less than a minute. To a cup of regular fresh milk add a teaspoon of vinegar and heat in a microwave for 30 seconds. Mix with a teaspoon and you’ll notice the milk begins to curdle. For a dairy-free option, use soy milk, oat milk, or almond milk.

Dried Dill: Dill gives a kick in ranch dressing and its freshness makes the ranch dressing taste so good.

Parsley: Parsley compliments the flavor of dill. Both herbs collectively make the recipe heavenly.

Garlic Powder: Garlic powder and some minced garlic both work fine but if you want a strong and fresh garlic aftertaste, it is best to use freshly minced garlic. However, this is completely up to you. The Wingstop ranch recipe does not require the addition of strong garlic but rather a mild taste of garlic that can be achieved with garlic powder.

Salt and Pepper: A pinch of salt and pepper can bring up the flavor of any dish. Be careful while adding salt to the ranch because you don’t want it to be over-salted. Because the ranch is used as a condiment and salad dressing, it is eaten with savory dishes. So, too much salt in the ranch can be a turnoff.

Lime: Fresh juice can make anything super zesty and add a kick to it. In the Wingstop ranch recipe, the lime juice is a brilliant addition that makes it tangy.

How To Make Wingstop Ranch?

How to Make Wingstop Ranch

If you are wondering how to make Wingstop ranch, here is a quick recipe that makes ranch in under 5 minutes. To make Wingstop ranch, you need to find all the above-given ingredients in the freshest form. In a bowl, whisk together mayonnaise, sour cream, and buttermilk until the mixture is combined, light, and fluffy. Then add dill, parsley, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Whisk all the ingredients together until combined well. Add some lime juice and taste the ranch. If the lime juice is too subtle, add some more.

If the ranch dressing mix is too runny, add some mayonnaise or sour cream to thicken it. Some people like it thicker while others like it thin, depending on how you like to consume your ranch, reach the desired consistency by adjusting the ingredients.

Things To Know About Wingstop Ranch Recipe

Sometimes no matter how closely you follow the recipe, you end up with a not-so-good-tasting or not-so-good-looking Wingstop ranch. If that is the case, here are some tips along with a great Wingstop ranch recipe to make sure that your ranch turns out just like the one at restaurants.

What To Do If The Wingstop Ranch Is Runny?

A runny Wingstop ranch recipe means that you added more lime juice or buttermilk that has made the mixture too thin. If the ranch feels too thin, you can add more mayonnaise to it to make it thicker.

How To Store Homemade Wingstop Ranch?

You can store your Wingstop ranch recipe in your refrigerator easily. In an airtight container, the ranch can last up to a week but it is best to consume ranch fresh so it is recommended to eat it within one or two days.

Does Wingstop Ranch Have High Calories?

The Wingstop ranch recipe makes homemade ranch that has around 24 calories per tablespoon. Depending on how much ranch you eat and what you eat it plays a vital role in determining how many calories you’ll be consuming. Using dairy alternatives for making ranch can lower the number of calories because they contain low-fat substitutes.

Why Store-Bought Ranch Last Longer Than The Homemade Version?

The store-bought ranch can last for months in your refrigerator for one main reason, that is; it contains preservatives. It is therefore recommended, when making ranch from scratch, to make enough ranch using the Wingstop ranch recipe that can be eaten in one sitting.

Why Add Mayonnaise To The Ranch?

Mayonnaise may sound absurd to some individuals because they did not expect their ranch to contain mayonnaise. But every classic ranch dressing contains mayonnaise although the quantity of mayonnaise may differ in every Wingstop ranch recipe. If you don’t like mayonnaise, you can swap it with sour cream but then your ranch may not be smooth.

Why Are Dill And Parsley The Signature Herbs In Ranch?

The Wingstop ranch recipe has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other dressings and condiments. It is dill that gives the Wingstop ranch its signature tanginess and parsley balance the flavor of ranch with its subtle taste that lasts. If you are not good with selecting herbs, you can also buy ranch seasoning at the store, but you won’t be able to customize it according to your taste.

The ranch dressing is no wonder one of the best and super flavorful dressings because of ranch nutrition facts and that it can go with chicken wings, vegetables, pizza, fries, and steak. The multi-purpose sauce and dressing can lift the flavor of any food and make it taste excellent.

How Long Would It Take To Prepare The Wingstop Ranch?

This recipe should not take you more than 10 minutes when you are making ranch from scratch. It can last up to a week and can be added to your favorite recipes easily. You can even use the ranch in quesadillas and as a dressing on your leafy greens.

Recipes To Make With Ranch

If you have leftover Wingstop ranch lying in your fridge, or you want to try the Wingstop ranch recipe why not make a quick boneless wings recipe and Wingstop buffalo fries to enjoy the ranch once again.

Wingstop Boneless Wings Recipe

Wingstop boneless wings with buffalo sauce are a must-try at home because they add variation to your meals, are flavorful and so easy to make.

The key to making the best buffalo wings is to nail the sauce. This recipe is customizable just like the Wingstop ranch recipe and can be adjusted to your comfort level. It takes less than 25 minutes to prepare and cook the boneless wings.

You will need:

  • 2 pounds chicken wings boneless
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • ¼ cups Unsalted butter
  • Some Bleu cheese
  • Buffalo wing sauce or a hot sauce
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup milk and buttermilk
  • ¼ teaspoon granulated onion

Wingstop Boneless Wings Recipe

To make the sauce, in a saucepan melt the butter and add honey. Turn off the heat after adding honey and add hot sauce. Whisk everything together until well combined.

Set the sauce aside and let’s prepare Wingstop boneless wings now.

Wash the chicken wings thoroughly and place them on a cutting board. Cut them into 3 pieces and discard the end wing or toss it in your freezer to use for preparing chicken stock later. Pat the wings dry and coat them in the seasoning of flour, black pepper, and salt. Preheat a large skillet with oil and deep fry the chicken wings.

The wings should take around 4-5 minutes on each side. Remove them from oil when crispy and golden and place them on paper towels to drain.

Now, in a large bowl combine the buffalo sauce and the cooked chicken wings. Toss and turn wings to coat. Serve the Wingstop boneless wings hot and enjoy!

Bleu Cheese Dressing

To make the bleu cheese dressing, add sour cream to the food processor, buttermilk and milk, and bleu cheese. When everything is well combined, add the mayonnaise and seasonings. The dressing should be prepared one day ahead of time because when you let the dressing sit, it builds more flavor and tastes better.

You can enjoy the buffalo boneless wings with your leftover ranch. Ranch nutrition facts show that ranch is majorly fat but if you are consuming them with a high-protein or fiber diet such as chicken wings and veggies, your meal will have a good blend of everything. The ranch nutrition facts also show that it is chiefly made of dairy products and has fewer carbs which makes ranch a good addition to your diet when you are on keto.

Wingstop Buffalo Ranch Fries

Wingstop buffalo ranch fries

To make Wingstop buffalo ranch fries and enjoy your Wingstop ranch with it, here is an easy recipe that makes cooking Wingstop buffalo ranch fries extremely fun and is super easy to try.


  • Potatoes
  • Oil
  • Buffalo wing sauce (from the above recipe)
  • Ranch
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Bleu cheese

To make a potato wedge, cut your potatoes in wedges by cutting the potato in half then halves again. Keep cutting the wedges in half until they are your desired width.

In a bowl mix some oil, salt, and black pepper. You can also use paprika instead of black pepper if you like. Toss the wedges into the bowl and coat them well. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the wedges a centimeter apart from each other. Bake the wedges for around 300-400°F for around 20-40 minutes until golden brown and cooked inside.

To turn them into Wingstop buffalo ranch fries while the wedges are cooking, heat the ranch and buffalo wing sauce on low heat on the stove or microwave them for 30 seconds.

When the wedges are ready, transfer them onto a serving plate and drizzle the sauces separately on the wedges. Sprinkle the cheese and garnish with green onions and serve hot. This creates the perfect two-tone Wingstop buffalo ranch fries that taste delicious and give you the flavor of the ranch in one bite and the flavor of buffalo sauce in another.

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