Chickenshit Trump Wimping Out On World Summit Like a Whipped Dog

Chickenshit Trump Wimping Out On World Summit Like a Whipped Dog

Before Donald Trump became President, he weighed-in heavily on Obama’s presidency. Case in point, in 2016, the Washington Post reported on the difficulties President Obama had when meeting with Chinese officials, including when Obama’s security and Chinese officials got into a few confrontations. But typical of “no drama Obama”, Obama kept his cool, and the negotiations went on. At the time, conservatives attacked Obama, saying that his “soft diplomacy” made America look weak.

At a town hall event in Virginia Beach, then candidate Trump seized upon the events in China, saying that had he run into those hiccups, he would have taken offense at the lack of kissing up, and left no sooner than he got there. Indeed, Fox News aired a segment on the 10th of September, 2016, on candidate Trump’s statement about leaving Chinese officials behind when he feels disrespected. Naturally, on Fox News they loved the idea of painting Obama as a failure, and tried to cast Trump as the second coming of Reagan.

Former Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes even gave it the typical Fox News candy-coating of racism, by suggesting that the Chinese had made a reference to “that President” belonging in the back of the airplane. But pundit Bruce Japsen brought the whole Trump love-fest crashing back down to earth after in a way that really portended the future.

“Soft diplomacy? I beg to differ on that, with Trump snuggling up to Putin this week and doing interviews on Russian TV, so I don’t know what the hard diplomacy is there. But I would say, with President Obama, it’s part of a strategy in Asia. I mean, he was the first President to go to Laos i think ever, and he’s been over there in the whole region, and I think that the Chinese are worried about that. I don’t think they’re snubbing him so much, as they’re worried about the relationships he’s building.”

So Trump was supposed to be Mr. Hard Diplomacy. But now that he’s President, he’s coming across pretty soft. In fact, he said he’d take offence easily, and take his leave quickly if he wasn’t kissed up to well enough to suit him, and we’re seeing him do exactly that. And not just with nations we have an uneasy trade alliance with like China. According to Politico, Trump plans to leave the G-7 meeting early on Saturday in order to avoid a confrontation planned by US allies. So, now when he’s confronted by world leaders whose nations have been our staunch allies for 70 years, Trump he’s bailing out on their meeting before it’s conclusion.

In comparison, President Obama at least pushed through with such a meeting. An example would be with the Iran nuclear deal where Obama’s own secretary of state worked on negotiating the deal for two years. Trump certainly doesn’t have the endurance for any negotiation. In fact, he told the press Thursday, during a sit down with Japanese President Shinzo Abe in the White House, that he wasn’t even bothering to prepare for his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un of North Korea (which can’t have sat well with Abe).

The World has trump running scared

The White House made an official announcement of its decision on Thursday saying that they would be leaving the G-7 summit before its conclusion. In fact, they even locked it down to an exact time saying that Trump would leave Quebec, at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. From there, he will apparently be heading to Singapore days ahead of his scheduled meeting with Kim Jong Un, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The reason why? US allies like Canada and France planned to confront Trump about his onerous tariffs against allied nations like theirs. On May 31, Trump announced that he would impose 25 percent tariffs against the European Union (EU), Canada and Mexico. Leaders representing the targeted countries lashed back, threatening immediate retaliation.

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During the week, Trump’s treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin held three days of meetings with those leaders. The meetings were reportedly contentious. Reports around the meeting also revealed that world leaders were planning to confront President Trump during the upcoming G-7 summit.

Art Of The Deal?

From his executive orders within the safe confines of the White House to directing policy, President Trump has done everything but confront anyone directly. Even when it comes to firing someone, he’s always had someone else do it for him instead of doing it himself. Well, except for when it was part of his old reality TV show.

Let’s recall what he’s backed away from so far. There’s the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and now with threats to end trade agreements with other countries. And despite all the election focus on China, Trump is going aggressively after our allies. So far there are no signs that he’s willing to fix a deal, or continue one. So far, all signs point to him bailing out of every deal completely.

Mounting opposition to Trump

The manner in which Trump “negotiates” is the latest indication that US allies might have had enough of this hostile president. Those nations targeted by Trump’s tariffs have said that they are willing to impose their own tariffs on the US by July.

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President Trump does tend to also hide behind Twitter to distribute his hostility against others. On Thursday, Trump’s Twitter account tweeted:

I say Trump’s Twitter Account tweeted that because there are too many big words in the tweet, and too few spelling errors, or typos, to believe that Trump (a notoriously sloppy tweeter) actually wrote it.

Nonetheless, the relationship between French President Emmanuel Marcon and Trump has apparently soured fairly recently. On Monday, CNN reported on a telephone conversation that Macron had with Trump. The report said that Marcon expected that he would be able to speak his mind.

Since Macron won the election to become France’s next president, the media spun both Trump and Macron’s friendship as a budding bromance. They both expressed how well they got along, handshakes and all. But that seems to have fallen apart now.

Macron also took to Twitter to state that world leaders would be able to gang up on him.

Which raises some questions. Is this the end of the G7, and the beginning of the G6? Did Trump not only take America out of the driver’s seat in terms of world economics, but then get us shoved out the door, leaving us stranded alone, on the side of the road? And how the hell is this going to Make America Great Again? And are you tired of all this “winning” yet?

Featured image by The White House/Flickr, Public Domain.