Trump CIA Director Accidentally Admits Obama Deal is Bringing Positive Change to Iran

Trump CIA Director Accidentally Admits Obama Deal is Bringing Positive Change to Iran

Donald Trump CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Obama Iran Deal Helping Ignite Protests In Iran

It’s a common tactic for a new administration to look at situations around the world and claim the previous party’s president was failing. Mike Pompeo, the CIA Director for Republican Donald Trump, has been no different.

During his interview on CBS’ Face the Nation today, he took a few jabs at the Barack Obama administration over, for instance, the situation in North Korea. Pompeo claimed previous administrations were not as committed to keeping the peace and stopping nuclear proliferation as the unhinged Trump regime. Some have pointed out, however, the current administration has been simply continuing many of the same policies of the Obama admin on North Korea.

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But then came a little slip up for the Trump appointee. When questioned about the recent protests in Iran against the regime, Pompeo accidentally patted the Obama administration on the back for the nuclear deal. Pompeo essentially stated part of the reason for the protests were the effect of the deal. Here’s the pertinent exchange with host John Dickerson. (Full video below)

JOHN DICKERSON: Iran, what’s the significance of the protests so far? And is this a turning point? Or is this just a flash point and the regime will continue to have power?

MIKE POMPEO: Difficult to know analytically if this is a turning point. But it is different, John. The protests that we saw in 1999 and 2009 were from elites. This was not that. These were ordinary Iranians. The same people who would enlist in the I.R.G.C., their neighbors are now the ones out protesting.

And they’re protesting because they’ve seen the failed promises of President Rouhani and Zarif, that they haven’t been able to deliver the economic outcomes that they said. They said they’d get the JCPOA and food would be plentiful, that commerce would reign, and that jobs would arise. And that simply hasn’t happened.

Dickerson was quick to note the point and asked a follow-up. Pompeo quickly realized where the conversation was going and immediately tried walking it back a bit. But it’s clear he knew the damage was done in praising the last president’s deal.

JOHN DICKERSON: The JCPOA is the so-called Iran deal. So in that sense has the Iran deal forced destabilization in Iran? And is therefore that good for- in terms of U.S. interests?

MIKE POMPEO: Well- well, from the C.I.A.’s perspective, I won’t get into the policy piece of this one. The C.I.A.’s perspective, what is clear is that there have been economic difficulties in Iran in places outside of Tehran. There is massive unemployment. The- the- What the Iranian people were promised has not happened. They can see that. And thus they have taken to the streets.

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What the CIA Director is admitting is that dropping some of the sanctions has taken away the ability of the Iranian regime to look like a victim. They can no longer blame all of the economic hardships its people may face on forces outside of the country and outside of the government’s control. It’s similar to long-held beliefs backing the ending of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba.

These comments by Mike Pompeo were not the only thing likely to rile his boss Donald Trump. He also flatly stated there is no “Deep State”, a notion continuously pushed by the president and many of his allies.

There is little doubt one of the main goals of the Donald Trump administration has been to erase everything they can with Barack Obama’s name on it. That would, of course, include the Iran deal.

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But will they continue to try dumping the deal their own CIA Director is now complimenting for helping ignite anti-regime protests in Iran? Time will tell.

One thing is for sure. While the president may have loved the disastrous interview given by Stephen Miller to Jake Tapper this morning, he’ll probably be less likely to brag about this one.


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