Macron Slams Russian Controlled Media, Jumps Into International Spotlight After Putin Face-Off (Video)

Macron Slams Russian Controlled Media, Jumps Into International Spotlight After Putin Face-Off (Video)

Macron gives Putin a piece of his mind

New French President, Emmanuel Macron was not afraid to directly confront Russian President Vladimir Putin’s use of controlled media for his own benefit. When asked why some Russian ‘journalists’ were having a difficult time receiving press credentials Macron did not hold back, “When news outlets spread despicable lies, they are no longer journalists. They are organs of influence.” Macron would continue:

Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik, were organs of influence during this campaign which, on several occasions, told lies about myself and my campaign. … Russia Today and Sputnik did not behave as media organizations and journalists, but as agencies of influence and propaganda, lying propaganda — no more, no less.

The Russian government funding and influencing the direction of RT and Sputnik – which is owned and operated by Rossiya Segodnyaan organization created by an Executive Order from Putin. Sputnik receives more criticism than RT, as RT does feature programming which does not operate as a soundboard for the Russian government; however those programs on RT still offer little to no critique of the Russian government.

This follows President Macron’s firm handshake with United States President, Donald Trump. Macron later commented that his tight handshake was a symbolic gesture to show that France would not be bullied by the Donald Trump administration.

Inside Macron’s Economic Policy

President Macron may have achieved an overwhelming victory over Marine Le Pen of the far-right nationalist, National Front Party. However, many French academics and activist still question his economic policies, despite his strong showings in the foreign arena.

Olivier Tonneau of the Guardian and lecturer at Homerton College and Cambridge recently detailed issues with President Macron’s economic policy. An excerpt reads:

Even against the much-vilified Marine Le Pen, Macron took the presidency with the weakest mandate ever for a Fifth Republic president, and will preside over a society more divided than ever.

The tragedy of Macron is that he is a highly articulate upholder of an illusion that has been dispelled time and time again since the subprime crisis. That the defence of an economic system that has exerted such centrifugal pressure on society as to nearly dissolve it can still pass as “pragmatic” is truly staggering, and shows that what goes by the name “pragmatism” has become the most deeply entrenched of ideologies.

Yasser Louati, French humans rights activist and researcher also brought up concern with the victory when speaking to Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now!:

…Emmanuel Macron got 65 percent of the votes. But compared to what Jacques Chirac got in 2002 against Marine Le Pen’s father in 2002, that was 82 percent. So, the victory is really way below what was accomplished 15 years ago. In the latest poll from the political department of the Sciences Po, Paris, which is, you know, one of our notorious political science schools, 60 percent of Emmanuel Macron’s voters do not ideate with his program but just voted because they had no other alternative. The abstention rate got a rate, 16 million people. And Marine Le Pen actually got beyond the 7 million stated by Juan, but actually 11 million people, which means identity politics and xenophobic and racist rhetoric is here to stay. On top of it—excuse me—on top of it, a latest poll shows that 61 percent of the French do not want Emmanuel Macron to have a majority in Parliament, which means that a war is now being waged in order to gain a majority in Parliament. And Emmanuel Macron himself will be isolated and will depend on the game of alliances. That’s for the figures of his victory.

France Under Macron

Macron has quickly shown that he is not fearful of standing up to world leaders on the foreign stage, however the success of his Presidency may dictate on how well the political newcomer can maneuver through parliament. If he moves to the left on his economic platform, he could find it a lot easier to capture the hearts of the 16 million French citizens who abstained during the last election. A more populist economic approach may also lower the number of French who do not want to see him have a majority.

Yet, economic issues to the side, Macron has quickly elevated France in the eyes of other European leaders with his unwillingness to back down to President’s Trump and Putin.

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