NSA Director Mike Rogers Admits Donald Trump Hasn’t Given The Order To Fully Stop Russia Meddling

When it comes to dealing with Russia and their meddling in the 2016 election, it has appeared Republican Donald Trump has been slow to act, to put it very mildly. Much of that appearance stems from a lack of actions on sanctions. But NSA Director Mike Rogers just admitted in an open Senate hearing the administration’s inaction goes even farther.

In two startling clips, Rogers states he is doing everything he is legally allowed to do in order to combat Russian election interference in the future. But he isn’t doing everything the agency is capable of doing for one key reason: Trump hasn’t ordered it.

Jack Reed, the ranking Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, first asked Rogers which agency is most capable of dealing with cyber interference at its origin and the NSA Director confirmed he is in charge of that. He then asked whether he had been directed to do so. Here’s the exchange.

REED: You would need basically to be directed by the President through the Secretary of Defense to [combat the threat] –

ROGERS: Yes, sir…

REED: Have you been directed to do so given the strategic threat that faces the United States and the significant consequences you recognize already?

ROGERS: No, I have not.

Rogers goes on to say he has direct the force to do some work but could only elaborate in a classified setting.

Reed goes on to point out we “haven’t taken on the Russians yet” and we are just watching them while “sitting back and waiting”. Rogers doesn’t completely agree with that characterization, but does confirm the U.S. has “not opted to engage in some of the same behaviors we are seeing”.

Senator Elizabeth Warren also asked a pointed question about Russian interference that made Rogers give some more unflattering answers about the reaction so far. Rogers admitted Vladimir Putin probably sees there is “little price to pay” for interfering and the U.S. counter measures haven’t “been enough”.

Last month, the Donald Trump administration declined to enforce sanctions on Russia passed by Congress.

Considering this testimony, it seems clear the Trump team is not too interested in taking any steps that would anger Putin too much. A curious action as the indictments and guilty pleas stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation continue to pile up.

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