Trump's Sec. of State Ripped for 'Tone Deaf' World Refugee Day Statement - Twitter Furious

Trump’s Sec. of State Ripped for ‘Tone Deaf’ World Refugee Day Statement – Twitter Furious

Secretary of State Pompeo Tries to Play Good Cop to Refugees and No One’s Buying It

While it’s clear the pressure from the public is beginning to work on the family separation crisis, the Republican Donald Trump administration is still creating fires in every way imaginable. This time, it’s the State Department and its controversial leader Mike Pompeo.

As news broke this morning that Trump would be backing off the heinous policy he put in place, Pompeo put out a statement to honor World Refugee Day. And the statement is just as absurd as you might imagine, considering this administration’s disgusting actions toward displaced people dating back to the travel/Muslim ban.

It contains some clearly hypocritical language that makes one wonder who even had the gall to write out this malarkey:

This commitment to the world’s most vulnerable individuals remains a critical component of America’s national security policy…we will continue to help the world’s most vulnerable refugees. 

ABC News tweeted out a picture of the full statement below.

While various countries around the world are specifically named, Pompeo was careful to not actually include any from Latin America. It’s an admission an appointee of Trump’s would be too frightened to make so as not to upset the person that helped exacerbate the current crisis on America’s southern border.

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As you might imagine, people were not buying into the propaganda. The reactions from Twitter users were justifiably fierce, to say the least.

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One user even noted an apparent oversight on the part of the creator of the statement.

This is all taking place with the backdrop of the United States fleeing the Human Rights Council because apparently those things just don’t matter for this White House.

The Trump administration can make any claims it wants in regards to helping refugees. But actions speak louder than words and it’s clear very few are falling for their shtick.

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