Trump Proudly Accepts Support Of European Fascist Leader

Trump Proudly Accepts Support Of European Fascist Leader

Italy’s most racist supports Trump

The Republican front-runner has just gained the support of another European political figure. While he has been popular among some, hated by others, but mainly caused confusion among world leaders, this time one of Italy’s leading right-wing politicians, Matteo Salvini, has declared his full support for Donald Trump. As stated by The Guardian, Salvini has expressed that:

“he would choose the ‘legality and security’ of a Trump presidency over the ‘disastrous’ policies of Angela Merkel and Barack Obama.”

On Monday,  most Italian politicians were celebrating the country’s liberation from fascism. At a Philadelphia rally, Salvini met his idol: the fascist Republican tycoon, Donald Trump. Known for closely cooperating with other controversial European leaders like Marine Le Pen, head of France’s Front National Party, or Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (Wilders is one of the most racist, xenophobic and aggressive leaders in Europe).

Salvini met for 20 minutes with his American idol for a conversation on immigration and how to halt the flow of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Middle East from coming into Europe.

Salvini and Trump also share a common anti-immigration attitude, and after the meeting they declared to be in total synchronisation with their stances on closed borders. According to The Daily Beast:

“Salvini, who also idolizes Vladimir Putin and has often railed against Europe as a whole, has previously argued that migrant and refugee boats should not be allowed to disembark in Italy, and called upon local governments to refuse to open refugee centers.”

Since the encounter, Salvini has been expressing his admiration for Trump on Twitter, and allegedly, the Republican candidate replied that he hoped the Italian politician would be Italy’s next prime minister. 

Yet Trump shouldn’t feel proud about Salvini’s support. Salvini is considered the most dangerous man in Italy. He is actually the leader of the Northern League party, or Lega Nord as it is known in Italy. This party was created as a secessionist party in which its members sought for the separation of northern Italy (the rich part of the country) from the south (considered poor).

The party evolved from its secessionist origins, and has embraced instead a stronger focus on the migration issue. Salvini is well known for his hate rhetoric against migrants, his criticism of the European Union, and for praising Italy’s former dictator Benito Mussolini. Lega Nord has also advocated strongly against the Roma minority in the country (he has even been pictured with a bulldozer about to destroy Roma camps).

Not that Trump cares about the background of those who support him, yet confirms the old saying: tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Xenophobia, racism and hatred can be, unfortunately, found everywhere. However, it is scary is to think that those bigots find ways to come together and make their voices stronger.

Featured image via Creative Commons and Gage Skidmore via Flickr.